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Born in 1992, we are a fully integrated
public relations firm, based in Istanbul, Turkey

Member of WE Global Alliance Network

Born in 1992, we are a fully integrated public relations and marketing firm, based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are a communications consultancy firm with distinguishing characteristics: Intuitive, Innovative and Independent. We serve clients, not “Stock Exchange Markets”. No one owns us, so we are free to think Independently! To listen, question and evaluate with an open mind unrestrained by conventional wisdom - and then decide for our clients and us.

For 26 years, we have been a creative and thought leader. We were one of the first firms to apply public relations to building consumer brands; perception, reputation and crisis management in Turkey.

We go by the philosophy “Society is based on Communication”. We strongly believe in the power of effective communication and that’s the cornerstone to success in business.

Our mission is to make public relations the leading discipline in the communications mix, because only public relations has the immediacy and ethical transparency to build reputation, credibility and trust.

We specialize in the development, execution and measurement of sales-focused communications campaigns, perception, reputation and crisis management for business-to-business and consumer organizations.

We build relationships for our clients with multiple stakeholders through dialogue, credible sources of information and relevant experiences. We engage traditional critics like NGOs because they bring a dedicated constituency to each issue. We have developed, implemented and successfully managed public relations, social media and marketing programs for the world’s premier brands and organizations from IT to Food and Tourism to Finance industries. We measure the depth of impressions and strength of stakeholder relationships, not just message frequency and recall.

We treat our client's business as if it were our own, taking pride in and responsibility for the work we do. That commitment is evident in the results we produce. We are a powerful perception-management organization and are always looking for ways to help your business grow. Whether we're talking to the media about an upcoming article, or speaking to your customers about a case history, we are constantly reinforcing your key messages.

We take great pride in our media relations. With media contacts and expertise spanning the lifestyle, youth, retail, finance, travel, media, technology, sport, gaming and professional services sectors amongst others, we have a wealth of information to share. However, we also know that the media industry is rapidly transforming to “Digital Media” which is why we make it our business to continually forge positive relationships with as many new journalists as possible and thus created a "Digital PR Team".

You're focused on bottom line results. So are we!